What You Must Know About Your Belts

What You Must Know About Your Belts

Today, people do not really mind wearing any kind of belt at all as they used to in the good old days. I know that there came a time when people in the fashion industry suddenly got tired of designing belts so they decided to stick with clothes and bags instead. If they were given a chance to choose between designing a belt and a bag, they would surely choose to design a bag instead. They thing is that designers suddenly ran out of belt designs to share to their clients.

Nowadays, belts are made out of the most unexpected things you never knew would be available for belt-making. Who would even thought that pop tops would become a really nice belt that everybody wants to wear? I guess you did not even know that, did you? Well, some of the most well-known fashion designers did not even think of that as well so now, they are picking up with the fad.

Most of the small time fashion designers simply style and design the best belts around. And do you even know how their design makes it to the market? Well, the big time designers buy the rights from them. In other words, these giant fashion designers get their products and designs from someone else.

All they do is buy it from them and put their own tag on it. This is what they call branding and it is unhappy to know that the real creators do not even get credited for it.

Some of the big time designers even commission the small time designers to work for them. It is like working behind the curtains because it will unquestionably ruin their names if the public finds out. Even the most popular brands with well-known logos and trademarks were once patronizers of this kind of deal. Of course, they will never tell you that because they will hide it behind the so-called history of the giant company. The good news is that most often than not, the small time designers who get commissioned by the big time designers earn so much from it. In fact, they make more income just by being an employee.

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