Use non woven bag for clothes

Weather is getting colder, many people will not wear the clothes being placed in plastic bags in the incorporated together. But the second year, the clothes often have the smell, or even moldy. In fact, this is because the income does not lead to the consequences of the clothes. United States, “Huffington Post” recently carried an article that, as the skin needs to breathe, as close to the attention of the clothes, they also need to breathe.

“Consumer Reports” project manager, textile experts were Teshi Lai Wen reminded, clothes should not be incorporated into the closet with a plastic bag, especially when the seasons change, if placed in plastic bags, may cover the taste to. If the fear of the clothes off the ash can be used to incorporate non woven bag material, the desiccant into the closet or storage bag, and with the ground, some distance from the wall to prevent damp. Best month to open a closet, maintain ventilation.

In addition, some compression pouch that can exhaust moisture, mildew, but it is usually less than the vacuum state, the clothes before the admission process is not good but will cover the taste.

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