The stretcher in hospital

The stretcher in hospital

An Emergency Stretcher is a must for medical transport vehicles, offers a wide selection of various makes and models to suit any purpose. We are the internet clearinghouse powerhouse when it comes to the stretcher and all other medical equipment products.

We understand that an funeral products is often the first piece of hardware to be used in many a life-threatening situation. That’s why our entire inventory is only stocked with the best there is, with quality brand names like Ferno and Stryker for purchase at a fair and honest price. Ambulance Stretcher is a proud experienced dealer of solid and reliable ambulances, so we know patient transportation inside out.

An emergency stretcher from it is heir to an ancient tradition of quick and safe casualty transport, only now utilizing the latest in modern technology and materials. While we didn’t invent the devices, we are imbued with a reverence for them that informs every aspect of our business. In those days, stretchers were no more than a pole or two upon which was hitched a man-sized litter or basket. No one knows when such equipment was invented, but it is almost certain that they were often used in lieu of wheeled transportation. But modern-day Folding Stretcher are thankfully much more mobile,,plastic baler, such as the fine ones available from .

Incorporated, dedicated to serving our diverse clientele of emergency rescue workers, private transportation services,,piston compressor, and individual export specialists.,injection plastic mold, From an Church Truck to a whole fleet of ambulances and fire rescue trucks, we offer the widest selection of new and used emergency equipment and vehicles

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