The Most Expensive Jewellery and Perfume Available in Georgia

The Most Expensive Jewellery and Perfume Available in Georgia

“We imported a new collection of Venice glass recently. This collection is very popular with our customers. Venice enamel is beautiful and Georgians often buy it from our store,” said Nino Kheladze, Klondike representative.

Luxurious jewellery and perfume are some of the best signs of a glamorous lifestyle. Georgians generally have quite good sense of style and fashion. Affluent Georgian are often seen at glamorous parties or clubs wearing impressive jewels.

“We have an exclusive, most expensive white gold ring decorated with diamonds and emeralds,” said Lela Otiashvili, Director of the Roberto Bravo store in Tbilisi . “The Butterflies collection is quiet popular with our Georgian clients. Rings and earrings are the most popular jewellery accessories. Season determines the popularity of different collections. Our brand is quite addictive. At the moment we offer 25% discounts on our jewellery,” Otiashvili said.

“Noah’s Ark, Noah’s Ark Night, Noah’s Ark Aqua, Gallica (new), DNA, Feya, Global Warming, Monarch Butterfly, Queen of The Seas and Bravo Men collections are available at different stores in Tbilisi . We have a new 2011 collection as well at the moment. It includes a Blue Diamond collection with white gold. All the pieces are exclusively handmade. We have 3 shops and in each of them we have different collections,” Otiashvili said.

According to Baccarat representatives, the most expensive piece of jewellery they offer at the moment is a black pearl bracelet.

“The most expensive jewellery at Baccarat at the moment is the Tahizea, Opara Iti bracelet with 14 pearls. The price of this bracelet is 1,316 GEL. This bracelet is made entirely with black pearls and is really very beautiful. In general Pilgrim is one of the best sold brands at Bacarrat. Pilgrim collections have slightly lower prices,” Baccarat officials said.

Ici Paris, one of the most popular perfumeries in Georgia, sells an extraordinary perfume for men in a decorated gold bottle. “For those who love luxury and glamour we have an exclusive, one and only Bugatti perfume for men, which costs 6,000 GEL. The fragrance’s crystal bottle is gilded,” Khatia Shamugia, Head of the Public Relations Department of Ici Paris told The FINANCIAL.

One of the most expensive brands at Ici Paris is Chanel. Chanel Chance, Coco and Chanel No. 5 are some of the bestselling scents of the expensive brand. “Some of them cost about 500 GEL,” Shamugia said.

“Imperial Majesty is a limited edition of a Clive Christian signature scent. The reason Imperial Majesty costs so much is that Christian, a British designer-turned-perfumer, poured 16.9 ounces of No. 1 into a Baccarat crystal bottle, stuck a five-carat diamond into the 18-carat gold collar and unveiled it at Harrods in London and Bergdorf Goodman in New York City this past holiday season. Of the five bottles released for sale (the others were kept for Christian’s archives), three have sold,” Forbes notes.

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