Shopping to Women

Shopping to Women

One of my friends tell her view on shopping to me, in fact, the process of woman’s shopping, it is a strange process, on the one hand, women finish their study to the world through shopping, they have known a lot of fresh things according to shopping, and on another hand, they also get satisfied to goods according to shopping, this is because women’s curiosity, they always feel strange to all the new things, and they always work hard for seeking beauty. Even though they have a lot of beautiful clothes or shoes, they always feel that they are lack a suitable one for some parties. And shopping is a good way to communicate for women, their friendship may be strength through shopping, this is a special way for women to communicate with each other, some common friends could be good friends through their same view on Jewelry, on shoes, on cosmetics.

But for men, shopping is not a thing full of interests. Most of them do not like go shopping, they go to the market and find what they want to have, and then, then will leave the market, they even pay no attention to the price, but for women, they will choose different brand and they make a comparison about their price, then, she will make a decision. For men, they often go to the supermarket to buy cigarette, to buy something to drink, but for women, they pay more attention on dress, cosmetics and something snacks. The price discount will attract a lot of attention of women’s.

I have a friends, he has a deeply feeling with his wife, no matter what his wife do, he will accompany with her, but except one thing, that is shopping. Sometimes, he just want to buy a pair of shoes, but his wife use the whole afternoon to compare the price and then choose one. The beginning of their marriage, he said nothing and went to shopping with her, but as time goes by, he feels that he can not tolerate with this, so, he told his view to his wife, but out of expectation, his wife agree with him. From that day on, when his wife is out for shopping, he is at home of games or something else.

The supermarkets have noticed the problem for a long time, so they have arrange some seats for men to rest. Men can enjoy their free time while their wives are crazy to about shopping.

In my view, so the development of internet and shopping-online, this problem will be good-solved.

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