Reusable Bag And Green Bag

Reusable Bag And Green Bag

In our day to day life, almost all of the things that we use everyday may make our environment polluted. It is because of factories around us and the unhealthy environment by which we live in. Through the use ofgreen bags and reusable bags, we may help our environment from becoming too polluted and keeping it garbage free.Recycle Bag

Reusable bags are eco-friendly bags. They are made up of paper, fiber, high quality plastics, wool, cotton, jute, parachute and etc. Previously we used polythene bags that are non biodegradable. The wastes of this chemical lies in the soil for millions of years without even getting them decomposed, thus making the plants not to grow. The marine life eats these plastics and so they die because plastics do not support for their digestion. It also contains the poor animals where they eat out the plastics with out realizing what it is. In this case, the best solution for these is the use reusable bags. A hundred polythene bags is equivalent to 1 reusable bag.

The polythene bags are cheaper when compared to the reusable bags but they provide too much harm to the environment. USA is the first nation to introduce the recycle bags in 1977, followed by the Australia, United Kingdom (UK) and so on where right now many countries use these bags. These bags can carry more weight but don’t get worn out. We are able to use reusable bags to carry things, for our shopping, in festivals, as a lunch bags, as a gift bag and as a compact bag but then they’re extensively used in the supermarkets. These reusable bags could look brand new in the event you wash them often thus maintaining it clean.

You will get these bags at your nearest stores or you can purchase them online. Those reusable bags that were handcraftedly made are expensively priced. The reusable bags have set a fashion trend. They will keep the foods safely without getting damaged. Celebrities of at present have started to use these bags so as to promote awareness of the environment. Since celebrity as they are, they can be an icon so many individuals who follows them will then also follow what they use.

The reusable bags are also referred to as as green bags. The one difference is that these bags are made of green and are mostly sold in grocery stores. The green bags will show our concern to the environment. It’s a best outfit. We get discounts when we use this green bag especially within the supermarket and in the grocery stores. The green bags are non-allergic and non-corrosive. They are easy to hold on your shoulder and are non-toxic, strong and washable. The green bags are recyclable. They’re easier to unpack and pack. These green bags are accessible too. The disadvantages of those green bags are that they’re quite expensive. These bags are being encouraged by the World Health Organization (WHO) in order to create awareness in the environment. And now it is time for us to switch over to the green bags and the reusable bags, to show that we do look after our mother EARTH.

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