Non Woven Bag As An Alternative

Non Woven Bag As An Alternative To Normal Paper Bag In the World

Non woven bag is now a new trend in the market.  Sometime non woven bag also refer as eco bag, green bag, environmental friendly carrier bag or shopping bag. Most retailer or those who participle in exhibition are now prefer to order non woven bag instead of paper bag as their shopping bag or carrier bag to give away. The main reason is non woven bag is cheaper and very durable.

There are now a lot of non woven bag manufacturer and non woven bag supplier in the market. They are almost everywhere. This is good for a purchaser as they can easily compare pricing among many non woven bag supplier. However, one thing very important beside the price is the quality. Unlike paper bag, non woven bag is not made by automatic machine. Therefore it is saw one by one through very skilful and experience worker in order to reach a very good quality! So, if the non woven bag factory or non woven bag manufacturer do not have a skilful worker, then it is unlikely that that non woven bag manufacturer can produce a very good quality non woven bag. It is thus very important for a company’s purchaser to make sure this before he or she make any decision.

The sewing of the non woven bag must be straight (at least acceptable even though it cannot be perfect) and using quality string to saw. This is very crucial as it will affect the overall look of a non woven bag.

Secondly, the folding also very important. Normally lower grade non woven bag manufacturer will normally do not pay much attention to this and their non woven bag pricing are also generally cheaper in the market. Their worker will just simply fold it and then press and pack them into a paper box. Some even pack them into a jute bag which look very ugly in appearance. A good non woven bag manufacturer will make sure their skilful worker will adjust, press and pack them properly into a paper box.

Therefore if you need a good non woven bag to give away to your customer, please make sure you choose a right non woven bag supplier or direct non woven bag manufacturer in Singapore. But generally it is very hard to find one non woven bag manufacturer in Singapore as the cost of employment for general worker is very high in Singapore. Most of the non woven bag supplier import the non woven bag from Malaysia or China. Even some of them import it from Indonesia or Vietnam.

We here, Luxury Packaging will offer you premium quality non woven bag with very competitive pricing. Please give us a call any time and we will in your doorstep anytime! Hope to see you soon!

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