Longhai Railway section

Longhai Railway section because of water damage is still hampered by landslides are not stranded passengers

Sanmenxia (Henan Taiwan correspondent Wang Ting Jie Liu Peng) Voice of China “News” report, by the continuous rainfall, 18 evening, China’s major railway trunk line down the Longhai Railway, Henan Sanmenxia City Hall station to Miaogou Guanyin within range of the station led to traffic disruption due to water damage, but many passengers stranded due to train delays.

10 points last night, the Longhai railway line down the Sanmenxia water damage inside the scene lit cave rescue, machine rumbling sound. 9 excavators are nervous collapse of the slope protection work, buried in the mud and rocks on the tracks from the shovel, put into parked next to the 18 earth-moving vehicles, and an endless stream of another car sliding into a car transported from the collapse of the collapse of the earth live. Excavator operations are directed Luoyang, Zhengzhou Railway Bureau deputy section chief with the Public Works section of Lee Stone ,injection plastic mold,Lock said the main task now is to brush the side load shedding, as unearthed only one point,,piston compressor, affecting the progress reopened.

the Longhai railway line down the Sanmenxia water damage within the cave rescue scene again landslides, soil cover a large number of product lines, leading to 20 midnight, the line is expected to be forced to delay the opening time. For new landslides, Zhengzhou Railway Bureau, one quickly organized equipment and personnel to use waste rail line in the lower slope near the piling anti-slide,,plastic baler, debris off the top of the pressure; on the one hand to optimize debris uninstall programs, speed up the unloading rate, efforts to improve clean-up progress.

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