Green shopping bags

Green shopping bags are becoming more and more popular as time goes on, and they continue to be useful even after they are worn out as a Replica Handbags . This is because they can be melted down, re-moulded and re-used as other everyday items such as flowerpots for example. The best thing about putting an advert for your business on a recyclable bag is that you are automatically promoting yourself as an environmentally friendly company. And that is in addition to your main marketing message! Recycle Bag
These bags are made from non woven polypropylene (NWPP), a material which is one of the best around when it comes to printing a message on it. There are plenty of colours to choose from and you can choose whatever colour printing fits in best with your promotional message as well. For example, if you sell wine you could run a promotion offering a free bottle of house wine for every recyclable bottle bag you buy. The outside of the bag could have a message saying, “I got this eco friendly bag with a free bottle of wine from…” followed by the name of the business. Now that would be a powerful way to pull in some new customers and get them to promote your business to lots of other people as well! NWPP is such a long lasting and well made material that you do need to think carefully about what message you are going to put on your bags. Stick to something that will be relevant for a long time, because your bags could be seen around town for months – if not years – to come! So instead of promoting an offer that expires in a few weeks time, why not promote the fact that you offer permanently discounted prices to all your customers?

There is no doubt that environmentally friendly bags are a fantastic leap forward from those old plastic ones as far as our world is concerned. Just think of the positive effect we are all having on reducing the strain on our landfills, simply by switching to Designer Replica Handbags and reusing them wherever we can. But they have a huge beneficial effect for our businesses as well. We can advertise for far longer than we could before, and in a much more powerful way too. Most forms of advertising are extremely short lived, but if you put your message on a recyclable bag it has the power to be around for years to come. What’s more, these items are not just your everyday cheap plastic covers; they’re made of the same recyclable material as your reusable bags are! You might be surprised to learn that the hard wearing material used to make those bags can also be put to good use to protect your customers’ cars while you are repairing them. But as is the case with eco friendly bags made from NWPP, you can also promote your business on every car seat cover, floor mat and guard cover you use. Launching a brand new product can be easier said than done. To get the best possible sales you need to think of a way to promote it that will really get everyone talking. So why not think up a catchphrase or slogan and splash it across an eye catching and colorful bag that people will see every time they walk into your store? Foldaway and tote bags are the perfect choice for any large store where the customers need something strong and long lasting to carry their goods home in. Just imagine the effect it would have if you had your business logo and promotional slogan for that brand new product emblazoned across all your reusable bags – right where the customers will see it every time they take the bag out and use it. Thanks to the power of non woven polypropylene this can be a stunning reality!

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