Complications and single using plastic bags and some practical solutions

This year, the top of the environmental movement is plastic bag ban.Media began to notice that many cities such as SAN jose transfer ban, calcium, west potter, CT, of tellurium, CO, and so on.In states such as indiana, Massachusetts, Longchamp BagsOregon and Washington is also dealing with plastic bag ban in this congress.There are countless reasons single use a plastic bag should be banned.

More than 100 billion plastic shopping bag with a single use is in the United States can in a year is about 12 million barrels of oil production quantity.Americans only 0.6% of recycling the previously mentioned 100 billion plastic bags.These oil bag never completely degradation, in our landfills take up space and the destruction of our ecological system.Habitat in the sea, like the ocean, plastic bags break into smaller pieces, until they reach the so-called “plastic dust.”This plastic dust, which contains toxic chemical substances, is the ocean wild animals take lead to health problems.These toxins, and then passed along the food chain from fish to humans Longchamp Bags Online.

Although plastic bags may be recycled, taking them from our landfills and ecological system, this is not the ideal solution.Processing use plastic can go beyond production virgin plastic.According to the university of California, Berkeley, plastic working team, plastic recycling plan may instill a misleading the perception of the benefits of the recovery.Find a market is difficult, because use plastic manufacturer of virgin plastic resolutely resist legislation requiring recovery content packaging products.Costs lower virgin resin flood the market, obstruct the recovery efforts.

So you might be said to himself, “if I just switch to paper bag in the checkout and I will avoid disaster plastic.That’s right, but if you know this spend five times as much energy production paper for against plastic bags?It also need nine times the energy recovery than plastic paper!The pollution has concerned about paper bag production.This need more 95% of the water to produce paper bag and add water pollutants 50 times, every year our waterways.The toxic chemical substance is used for making paper is long-term, can also through the food chain.

The best solution is the shopping bag cloth,Longchamp Handbag Australia according to the recycling director.Have a lot of kinds of bags there individuality-almost.From cotton or sustainable plant fiber, such as real Madrid or hemp and recycled plastic bottles from material.What is the best?Here are some of the material and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Cotton bags can be divided into several kinds, cotton, organic cotton, cotton canvas.Generally speaking, all types of cotton handbag light weight, easy to find, using less energy production and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and use less water than the life of these bags single use shopping bags.

An average size cotton, organic cotton, cotton or recycled bag can usually hold about 10 pounds of goods.A cotton canvas bag, and expensive, and more durable, can stand on its own, and can accommodate about 45 pounds.Organic cotton is best, because it is beyond pesticide use, and keep the waterway toxin free.In addition, you can avoid the landfill completely thrown in the backyard of fat in the end of life.

Other sustainable fiber, such as hemp and jute is a very suitable for your reusable bag.Two hemp and jute is growing fast, Longchamp Bags low impact plants, this means that they don’t need to use chemical fertilizers, pesticides or a large number of water of cotton.Marijuana is three times of cotton.Average marijuana or jute bag can reasonable hold 60 pounds, just pay attention to when doggy bag in the register-don’t hurt yourself!Again, in the end its life cycle of these fibers can compost.

There are a lot of polypropylene bags on the market now.The polypropylene defect is, it is by the oil;Good thing–these bags can be recycled.In addition, there are more and more of these bags of market, at least in part, can recycle plastic bottles, called into or repreve fabric.High quality is good, they can accommodate polypropylene bags 44 pounds, it is easy to clean-just give them dry, but fold, roll or tucked into very small size.They are small to fit in your wallet or glove compartment, so that you will not forget with them.

At the same time, also want to remember eliminate your single use plastic production bag!There are many types and sizes of cloth now in the market merchandise bags, perfect fruits, 2011 Longchamp Travel Bags vegetables and grain most of the day.

The best way to begin the switch one-off plastic bags cloth is one step at a time.Reuse plastic bags you recover or use as much as possible before they last, such as removal after your pet.Once you ready to start please enter the wonderful world of a reusable bag, remember: can use bag thousands of times, make up for the first 10 dollars you spent to buy them.As many cities across the country began to realize one-time shopping bag five cents charge will be the most cost-effective and environmental protection next lives more healthy, put an end to waste of life.

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