Between Seed Papers And Reusable Bags : Fresh Ways Of Going Green

Imagine a grocery store using at least one plastic bag to pack the purchases of each customer. Now multiply that store with a thousand more and imagine the number of plastic bags being used daily. These plastic bags would most likely end up in a drawer somewhere waiting to be used or worst, in the dumpster to be disposed off in a dump site. Plastic bags are one of the most misused items that we have right now. People rarely recycle it and it accounts for a large part of waste that humans disposed off daily. That is why there is a great need to reduce if not eliminate the use of plastic bags and packaging. In grocery stores and shops around the world, there is a new movement which advocates the use of reusable bags. A reusable bag is made of sturdier material, often cloth or recycled plastics and other reused materials. They come in very fashionable and trendy designs and are easy to clean. In addition, the use of these bags not only decrease the use of plastic packaging but also saves up space at home. Imagine freeing up those drawers of plastic bags so that it can be used for something else.

Another earth friendly idea are seed papers. A seed paper is a recyclable piece of paper made of seeds. The good thing about these seed papers is that the seeds can still germinate even after the process of turning them into paper is completed. Imagine sending a letter to someone and that person planting the letter to grow into a tree. Now that is green thinking.

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