Bag Making Machine

Nowdays Poly bags are banned in many places int the word,like Delhi by Central govt. and most of state govt. in India are strict to ban the use of non-bio degradable bags.

Following are the reasons why ban Poly bags;

1. Expensive recycling technology

2. Light weight Poly bags flows in air everywhere in city and block water drainage system etc.

3. Blocks water flow on roads

4. Not easily biodegradable Although expensive but Non woven bags are replacing Poly bags not only in India but in entire world.

These bags have various advantages as follows; 1. These are made up of PP and Spun, which has far far better biodegradability over Poly bags 2. PP Spun bound non woven fabric can not hold the water hence it does not block water flow 3. These bags are heavy in gauge so in the weight , it does not fly in air easily and does not block our drainage system. 4. These bags are reused by people and generally disposed by them with house garbage so large quantity of bags directly goes into landfill only. 5. These bags are bless for small companies as it is a very cheap media to advertise their brand which are exposed by general people during use and reuse of Non woven Bags. Now the question is how these bags are formed and sealed ? Poly bags are sealed with impulse sealing technology in which heat is passed to sealing area for fraction of seconds but this technology does not work for PP Spun Non woven fabric. These bags are formed on above shown bag making machine and sealed with Ultrasonic waves thru a device called “Horn”. There are five set of Ultrasonic generators are used on machines and their Horns are placed all over the machine in such a way that it forms all the type of bags for general applications. In India, there is only one manufacturer of these kind of machines is Etenbee Engineering Pvt. Ltd., EEPL is a group company of Authentic Designers and Yarich International. The group has 15 years rich experience of design and development of packaging, pouch making machines and allied machineries. Another option is Chinese Non-woven bag making machines, which are easily available in market and imported by a network of agents in India. These machines have slight price advantage over domestic machines as all the components used in these machines are made locally wherein in Indigenous machines most of components are imported from Japan, Taiwan and European countries and CE approved. The quality control and service support is a big issue for imported machines from China as programming is done in Chinese language and industries using these machines suffers huge losses once these machines come into break-down position. Availability of parts/components is another very big question mark for users in long run. The price of these fabric which major supplier of this material is Relience Industrieslargely depends upon the PP granuals , which is bi-product of Petroleum Non woven fabric is not feasible to import from Chinais and it is easily available in Indian market.

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