5 Reasons Why Not to Celebrate Valentines Day on the 14th

From cards, gift ideas, foods, bars and restaurants of which each of the owners seems to conglomerate and intend to have a strike to increase each goods or services price on this date.

Everyday is Valentines Day. Yes, I do believe every day is Valentines. Since Valentines meant love and love is an action word to “do” things for a person so I suggests if you love a person it should not have any time-frame or especial date in a day of the year.  It transcends through time for each memories you cherries together when your both in-love, so anytime or day of the year could be especial to show love and affection not just this date 02/14.

Time. In accordance to number two, “love has no time-frame it transcends through time” so celebrate Valentines in your own especial way at any given time or day memorably.

The Person “I.”  Love should be “Us” not “I.” It takes two to tango to work things out including communication and a lot more. So if in doubt with the relationship, you better move on, let go, and start over.

Its because.  Don’t be obnoxious or pathetic because its the 14th and then you go find someone somewhere just for the sake of.  Try hanging out with friends when your single on this date or your family may be.

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